Wednesday, August 25, 2010

autumn approaches


So, first of all- major apologies for being a bad blogger recently! There's been so much going on with trying to get ready to leave for 4 months and wanting to hang out with everyone before I do. This might be my last entry in America! I'll try to fit in another outfit post, but no promises unfortunately. I still haven't bought luggage and ahhhh! Craziness, I swear leaving just crept up behind me like a silent ghost.

Anyway, I am getting super, super excited for fall though! It's not quite cold enough to really be wearing this outfit, but it is cool enough to tolerate wearing tights outside. And I also I thought the burgundy looked perfect with this off-white, cream dress which I just thrifted for 14 buckaroos! yay! I love steals.


I'm sorry that I look so discontent in all these pictures. That's probably because I was, I feel like I have so much to do so my mind wasn't completely there and also, I stepped in deer poo and was really annoyed about that. Oui, not my day.



Dress: thrifted// Scarf: UO// Tights: We Love Colors// Shoes: Timely Vintage, etsy

I have so much more to tell you guys but I really need to eat right now. I'm so sorry for the scattered-ness of this post, my mind is literally in 483022 places! Hope you guys are enjoying the last little bits of summer! Soak up those rays and get ready to fall for fall. :]


amanda lynn? said...

what a lovely outfit. I realllyy love those shoes! hope you have a nice trip! im so jealous!

Amber Blue Bird said...

The burgundy tights do pop.

Taylor said...

I LOVE this outfit! Your blog is great, I would love you to check out mine and follow if you like :)


Christy said...

Oh I love the dark tights with the cream dress. It makes a really nice contrast.
Also, you're a better blogger than I am considering I just up and left for several weeks :)

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

v a m p i r e said...

i viewed all your old post before leaving a comment on this because i don't want to act like a crazy stalker and spammed every post of yours

but i really like your style , and every post there is an interesting outfit , beautiful venue and i really enjoy reading it

i am still new with your blog , so far i like what i see

nice to know

I am Jasmine

v a m p i r e said...

i hope u wont mind me linking up your page in mine :)

Rin of Jewel Me Pretty said...

Lovely choice of colors! That dress is a great steal. I wish you a safe journey ahead.



amanda lynn? said...

im pretty sure i already commented this post but i just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment! it made me feel a lot better. so yea, thank you! =]