Monday, July 30, 2012

old town alexandria




Always a blast when I meet up with this little lady. She's super cool even in the 90+ heat. Strangers think so too. She picked out this really cute British cafe where we eat brunch since we both woke up around noon cough cough. Delicious hash brown! And an authentic British man who took our order wearing an Olympic shirt.

Wandered around the waterfront, picked out some future realty. In my dreams that is. And grabbed some cold drinks since that's the only way to survive this DC summer.






Finished our day visiting Pretty People vintage, a treasure trove of new, consigned and vintage wears. Then called it a day. Hope to see you soon Lisa!




Blouse: LOFT
Skirt: Aerie
Bangles: The Limited (1, 2, 3)
Belt: momma's
Sandals: JS by Jessica Simpson (similar)
Shades: borrowed from Lisa, thanks girl!
Crossbody: J.Crew

Friday, July 27, 2012

beauty picks

beauty favorites

Lately I've been really getting into makeup especially in light of my dad getting married (they tied the knot Saturday!). Because nothing really brings out skin imperfections like a professional flash. These are a few of my favorites, new & old.

1 Nars Blush in Orgasm: this has been the #1 best selling blush in the US for ages now. it is the perfect subtle shade of pink with a touch of shimmer but not so much that it looks like you rolled in glitter. incredibly flattering for all skin tones

2 Anastasia Brow Wiz: my new favorite thing ever. a two sided little stick, one end has a brow brush and the other has a brow pencil. I use the brow brush to comb everything into place and then the pencil to fill in and add definition. I have very light brows so I find that it's really important to define them if I'm going to wear any sort of eye makeup. Otherwise it looks very unbalanced.

3 Urban Decay Primer Potion: pretty sure most of you already know about this magical stuff. I swear by it! For some reason my eye lid flat out refuses to keep eye shadow in place, within minutes it will be creased and smudged. Using primer potion first ensures that everything stays put.

4 MAC Studio Moisture Tint: a tinted moisturizer girl through and through, just enough coverage to subtly even things out but not so much that you feel like your pores are suffocated. this brand is really creamy and smooth (I use it in Medium)

5 Cetaphil lotion: super cheap stuff that you can buy in any drugstore, I've been using this as a facial moisturizer for eons. It may not be top of the line with anti aging antioxidants and tea tree oil or whatever new crazy thing, but it's dependable.

6 Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palette in Ludwig: debated forever between this one and the Urban Decay Naked palette which I know everyone loves, but in the end I decided that I would never use all 12 colors or however many there are in the UD one. Kat's is perfect for what I need- the neutrals are lovely for day or for a smoky eye and I really love how green looks with brown eyes.

7 Benefit Hoola Bronzer: must buy! just bought this for the wedding and I already can't live without it. it is a nice brown shade with no yellow or orange undertones. it's perfect for achieving that summer glow 

8 Smith's Rosebud Salve: almost down to the bottom with this stuff. a pretty shade of pink, I use this little guy in lieu of chapstick. it feels super moisturizing and has a slight rose scent 

Monday, July 23, 2012

white tee & jeans


052 b


086 b


Typical summer outfit- sometimes you just gotta simplify. These jean shorts are the best. I've worn and washed them so many times that they're that perfect worn in softness. I am going to be devastated when they go. And this tee, I love it. The cotton is so soft (are you seeing a pattern?) but the sheer panel in the back makes it something special. A little modern twist.

What's my age again? That's what I really wanted to call this post. I've gotten much more in to makeup recently (as in this month recently)- mostly because of the wedding but also because I'm a little tired of people assuming they know what age I am when their assumptions are wrong 99.99% of the time. I know I'm not going to get much pity from some of you but that's ok because I'm really not looking for any. Because yeah yeah I know- I will be thankful for looking youthful in 10 years or maybe even 5.

But right now, I'm 21. And I love it! The fact that people often think I'm in high school is ok, it's just when I encounter a lack of respect or courtesy because of that fallacious age guessing. I'm a college graduate not a teeny bopper. So anyway, go ahead and card me so long as that doesn't affect the way you treat me. Oh and maybe work on some subtlety as well. When you find out I'm not 16, you don't need to confess your shock to me. If I thought you were 55 and then find out that you're 40, I'm not going to say HOLY HELL! I thought you were way older than that. Are you feeling me on this one?

Ok, off my soapbox & happy Monday to you!


tee: StyleMint
shorts: Delia's (old)
socks: Gap
boots: DV by Dolce Vita

Thursday, July 19, 2012

went to the chapel

0826 RC LF (2)

0051 RC LF (2)

0048 RC LF (2) 0210 RC LF (2)

0655 RC LF (2)

0663 RC LF (2)

So my dad and Colleen finally tied the knot! Sorry I have been fairly MIA, but now you know why. If you have been reading my blog for a few years, you know that my mom passed away my freshman year of college. It was devastating and unexpected. And it took a very long time for the wounds to heal.

Almost four years later- we have grown and changed, we have renewed our love for each other, and we have been reminded over and over again how precious and tenuous life can be. Colleen has been an amazing blessing to not only my dad but to me and my brother as well. She is a ball of energy who loves fountain sodas, country music, pinot grigio with ice cubes, French history and our dogs Wizzy & Lila. Colleen, we love you so much and welcome to the family!


my dress: BB Dakota, also worn here/ (same)
Colleen's dress: Aidan Mattox (similar)
Colleen's hair comb: Boutique Corner (same)
*all photos by Larry French

Monday, July 9, 2012

moonrise kingdom


moonrise kindgom
1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8

There's already been some blogger buzz about Moonrise Kingdom, so I'll just add to it! I loved this film, it was my first Wes Anderson flick so I really had no idea what to expect. I didn't know anything about the movie before going in. Do you all do that often? I feel like that rarely ever happens to me because I have usually already seen a trailer or read a plot summary, most likely both. It's sort of thrilling though to go in blind.

This quirky love story is charming and despite its darker humor, manages to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Apart from the plot and the characters, I was really most fascinated by the cinematography. Everything is painstakingly chosen- no detail forgotten, the color palette of the wardrobe and the set, the symmetry of the camera shots and pans. Put together a little polyvore with some Moonrise Kingdom-inspired, fall-geared things. I already can't wait for my favorite season to start!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

play pretend



055crop 079 c


Sometimes pretending is fun like pretending that I have power or that it's not 90 degrees in this house. In real life I'm sitting here writing this in the basement in a sports bra because it's too hot to wear anything else. When I get A/C back, I am going to be the happiest girl in the world and the most grateful.

But there are some little things that are making life better like skipping the line at Chipotle because I ordered online :) cold hose water, the generator running the fridge (in other words, ICE), belting all the words to this oldie but goodie with my girl Agnes (in an AIR CONDITIONED car) & forcing myself to get dressed like a real person for this post.

Stay cool you guys! This feels like a direct quote from my middle school yearbook. 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten. Please tell me someone remembers this.


maxi: urban outfitters
cardigan: for sale for sale!
heels: modcloth
belt: mom's