Thursday, February 24, 2011

stripes & seafoam

2011-2-24 007b

It was a bit more nippy than I had expected today, but I was glad to be wearing a pretty outfit because the day was so gray. I just ordered this crochet dress from Victoria's Secret and I love it. It has a perfect sweetheart/v-neck line and a flowy bottom. Super excited to wear it this summer with bare legs and a wide-brimmed straw hat! Ahh perfection.

So this is going to be my last post for a week or so, we're about to descend into midterms week. One of my least favorite weeks of the year, but hey it's got to be done. This weekend is going to be completely devoted to studying.

2011-2-24 012b

Nothing really of great interest to share with you. Just trying to find motivation during this yucky day. It's days like these when I just want to curl up in bed with apple cider and a good book.

2011-2-24 018b

2011-2-24 022b

Dress, Victoria's Secret// Jacket, F21// Scarf, J. Crew Outlet (gift)// Tights, WeLoveColors// Socks, Gap// Booties, Steve Madden

2011-2-24 029b

2011-2-24 030b
Have a marvelous weekend everybody!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the little things

2-21-2001 004

Sometimes it's just the little things in life like a doggy hat from my dad for Valentine's Day. I swear it makes me feel more happy! That's all for today folks. Tomorrow is our halfway point. Perseverance!

2-21-2001 003


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hitting the books

Second attempt at taking photos in the real world. It's hard! Especially because I feel so self conscious doing it that I refuse to take any where I might run in to someone, which leads me to my counterintuitive choice of the library! Our library is always crowded, 8 floors and none of them are ever abandoned. Snuck around until I found an isolated corner, had a couple of scares though. I grabbed my tripod and tried to make myself as small as possible behind a bookshelf.. Gosh, you would think I was selling drugs or something.

2-16-11 045b

Hopefully, this anxiety will lessen as I keep taking photos. Our library really is absolutely gorgeous, it's one of my favorite places on campus. Half of it is older and then the newer half was built incorporating the old exterior, so there are brick walls which are now part of the interior. There is old wrought iron and new floor length windows that stream in the light. I'm going to try (try being the imperative word) to make it out of bed one of these mornings really early and beat the rush and take some more photos for you. These don't do it justice.

So I bought this skirt with the intention of using it for "professional" purposes. Unfortunately junior year seems to be ushering in the real world (much to my dismay) and I need a couple things I can wear to interviews etc. This one is really great, from J.Crew, and is a thick, soft wool. I think the thick part is really important because if you're going to be tucking shirts in, you need the fabric to be thick enough to not show all the bunches or layers underneath.

2-16-11 025b

Anyway, I showed my boy the skirt and he asked if I'd ever wear it on a regular basis and I said, probably not. He thought that was a shame, so I wore it for him today. I tried to dress it down, so that I wouldn't stick out amongst sweatshirts and jeans. What do you think?

2-16-11 027b

2-16-11 013b

Outfit Details: Button-up shirt & skirt- J.Crew// Scarf- Christmas gift//Tights- WeLoveColors// Socks-Smartwool// Booties- Steve Madden

It's Wednesday which means it is all down hill from here. How exciting is that? Also, my dad's Valentine's Day gift arrived today. Well actually it arrived last Friday, but I kept forgetting to get it until now. Contents to be displayed on a future post! Get excited :] I certainly am.

2-16-11 022b

Well that's all for now. I think I'll try to wrap up some work OR watch an episode of Gossip Girl or Big Bang Theory... decisions, decisions.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

up against a wall

Ok so this is my first attempt venturing out into the real world since the beginning of the semester! The first photo was taken at Historic Bethabara in Winston-Salem, NC. The light was gorgeous, that end of the day light so I hopped a little metal chain with a no-trespassing sign to try to get some shots. I was so uber paranoid the whole time. I could never be a criminal. So get off a couple shots when I hear noises and then I see people! I high tail it out of there. I think I still have some adrenaline pumping to be honest.

2-15-2011 003b

So after that failure of an adventure, I came back to campus and tried to get a couple photos before the sun went down completely. This is outside my dorm. All the buildings on campus are brick which I love, it just seems typically collegiate to me.

2-15-2011 011b

2-15-2011 013b

Cardigan: J.Crew// Top: H&M, Spain// Scarf: Birthday gift// Jacket: Ann Taylor Outlet// Jeans: Gap// Flats: Steve Madden

Not too much to report here. I volunteered today at an after school program for kids, I'm with the first graders. They're so cute! They are always looking for your attention and you never know what they'll say, today they were talking about Justin Bieber.. And then in an hour, I'm going to photograph a gallery opening at our student gallery, S.T.A.R.T, who I am also blogging for! I'll get you the link as soon as I get something posted.

2-15-2011 015b

Hope your week has been easy on you so far!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

we go together



Outfit Details- Tights: H&M // Dress: Ark & Co. // Shoes: Vintage


Sending you love & happy wishes for Valentine's Day weekend!