Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the little things

2-21-2001 004

Sometimes it's just the little things in life like a doggy hat from my dad for Valentine's Day. I swear it makes me feel more happy! That's all for today folks. Tomorrow is our halfway point. Perseverance!

2-21-2001 003



Amber Blue Bird said...

thats an adorable hat

maggeygrace said...

Oh my gosh, your hat is stinkin adorable! I want it! Hats are my all time favorite.

Isabella Kiss said...

adorable hat. lately i have been into making animal hats. i have a fox one and wearing it makes me smile.

TheMadTwins said...

that's such a beautiful, cute hat :D
I always wanted to have a unicorn hat. But I didn't get it :(. But this one is wonderful as well :D

xxx the mad twins

Bea said...

Wonderful valentines day gift. Your dad has awesome taste!

Bea from A plus B