Monday, August 30, 2010

parisian persuasion

leopard coat

I popped by the mall today to get some last minute things- a) more underwear, you can really never have to much of it! b)a gift for the family I'm staying with, William Sonoma- I LOVE that place, it always makes me want to own a home. and c) vacuum bags, so that I can fit all of my purchases (after I raid Europe) in my suitcase back home! :]

So, I'm trying to soak up my last hours in the grand old United States of America- the land of summer BBQ's, Thanksgiving, sweet tea, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lady Liberty & home. Last night in my bed with that amazing home smell- a mixture of comfort and familiarity. I'm going to give my puppy an extra scratch behind the ear and my dad and brother (if he'll tolerate it) an extra hug. And then I'm off on my grand adventure! I really am so excited. It's just a little daunting thinking of 4 months across seas.

kitty and macaroons

Anywho, when I was wandering around the mall, I noticed that alot of stores chose to go with a Parisian themed fall campaign (inc. H&M, Forever21, Gap) which I thought was kind of interesting. I know that Paris is always on the forefront of fashion and as Americans, we idealize the romance of that city and the fashion of its people. But, I just think it's interesting that there's sort of this new wave of interest.

gossip girl

gossip girl 2
Gossip Girl goes to Paris! I resisted this show for so long because it was one of those trendy things that I put on my mental list of I-won't-go-there kind of things. This list also includes leggings, Uggs, big sunglasses, and Silly Bandz! But, the show is totally a guilty pleasure- I mean who lives a life like theirs? Yeah, let's just pick up everything and go to Europe! No big. Plus, of course- the clothes, the clothes, the clothes.

eiffel 2

cute french boy
I'll take one of those please. :)

oui crop top

eiffel tower necklace

Top: ModCloth, Oui Love Paris Crop Top & Necklace: Etsy, Spring in Paris, Gold Eiffel Tower Necklace (unfortunately sold out :[ but she has other beautiful jewelry you might be interested in!)



All photos via unless otherwise mentioned.

Wow, definitely have a crucial girl crush. I love this editorial, the styling is so perfect- I would love to wear either of these outfits. I think that's partially why I like it- alot of editorial shoots are so inaccessible to your average person, but these look like you could wear them just the way they are. Plus, this girl is gorgeous and the location of course.

So, official countdown: 24 hours exactly until I'll be in Heathrow for my layover, about 28 hours until I'll be in Barcelona! eeeeeek.

Wish me luck! With Love,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

boy meets girl

Last post before departing across the Atlantic Ocean! Next time I talk to you I'll be on the other side amigos. I'm getting really, really excited about the impending adventure. There will be so much to see and so many people to meet. An opportunity has also presented itself to me in the form of another blog! I'll be helping to start up a blog for at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and it's my job to photograph all the cool kids, find out what they're wearing and listening to and to find out about the general culture on campus. But, no worries- this will definitely not interfere with my blog here. If anything, I think it can only help make me a better blogger. I'll hook you up with a link when I get all settled in.


Here are a few things I'm looking forward to:
1 Living with a Spanish family- this is the best way for me to immerse myself in the culture & the language. And I'm hoping they have little ones, niƱos monos!
2 Improving my Spanish and (hopefully) learning a bit of Catalan!
3 Traveling! Traveling! Traveling!
4 Harry Potter premiere in London? Italy with my best friend? Oktoberfest?
5 sangria! self-explanatory.
6 beautiful art museums, La Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi masterpieces
7 the lovely Mediterranean weather
8 meeting locals! I'm collaborating on the university blog with a girl from Barcelona, she's adorable. You can check out her blog here.
9 trying new foods. let's put it this way, I'm living on the coast and I don't particularly like seafood but I'm going to have to learn to haha
10 becoming a stronger, more wordly individual :]

And loads more! But, I don't want to bore you. So, I'm flying out of DC on Tuesday- life around here has been errands on top of errands with delicious American food thrown in between. For example: Ricky's Rice Bowl yesterday mmm it's a Japanese restaurant with rice bowls (ok yes, I know what you're thinking, that is not American but by American I mean anything I won't be able to get in Spain) & Yogiberry! I think I might have a serious addiction to frozen yogurt. But honestly, who can resist it!? Anyway, also bought my luggage yesterday- it's gorgeous. I've never had new luggage before and it's just enthralling, that new new smell and perfectly functioning zippers! I'm in heaven.



So, about this outfit. The quest for the perfect pair of fall boots is officially over! These are actually not one of the ones I mentioned in my earlier posts, bought these babies from Piperlime. They are exactly what I was looking for. I love the feel of lace ups and they have a little tiny heel which is good for relieving lower back pressure. I'm really excited to wear them this season, I think they will be extremely versatile. The outfit was actually built around this blouse- I'm not taking it to Spain, so I thought I'd get one last look out of it before I leave. It's very feminine in a sort of traditional, old-fashioned way, so I decided to roughen it up a bit. I tried to retain a little of the "pretty" feel with the necklace and eyeliner. I don't know if you can even see it in these photos? But, it was supposed to be winged.

IMG_4393 IMG_4386

Outfit details: Necklace- Urban Outfitters// Plaid button-up- UO// Blouse: BB Dakota (on sale)// Jean shorts: Delia's// Socks: SmartWool, gift// Boots: Coconuts via Piperlime// muskeet- my granddaddy


¡Tenga una semana maravillosa!
Have a wonderful week, you guys!


And here's another way I wore the plaid shirt and jean shorts
IMG_4256 IMG_3067 IMG_3678

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

autumn approaches


So, first of all- major apologies for being a bad blogger recently! There's been so much going on with trying to get ready to leave for 4 months and wanting to hang out with everyone before I do. This might be my last entry in America! I'll try to fit in another outfit post, but no promises unfortunately. I still haven't bought luggage and ahhhh! Craziness, I swear leaving just crept up behind me like a silent ghost.

Anyway, I am getting super, super excited for fall though! It's not quite cold enough to really be wearing this outfit, but it is cool enough to tolerate wearing tights outside. And I also I thought the burgundy looked perfect with this off-white, cream dress which I just thrifted for 14 buckaroos! yay! I love steals.


I'm sorry that I look so discontent in all these pictures. That's probably because I was, I feel like I have so much to do so my mind wasn't completely there and also, I stepped in deer poo and was really annoyed about that. Oui, not my day.



Dress: thrifted// Scarf: UO// Tights: We Love Colors// Shoes: Timely Vintage, etsy

I have so much more to tell you guys but I really need to eat right now. I'm so sorry for the scattered-ness of this post, my mind is literally in 483022 places! Hope you guys are enjoying the last little bits of summer! Soak up those rays and get ready to fall for fall. :]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

attention to details

Last day of work was today, yeehaw!!! Now I'm beach-ward bound, but wanted to leave you with a little something and I'll be back Sunday.

Here's a photo of the earrings I wore in the last post. I know they were hard to see in that picture. The only reason I could see them is because I already know what they look like.


And here are some photos of my newest bikinis! I really have a serious bathing suit addiction. I can't help myself. Plus, when VS has there end of summer sale, I mean- can a girl be blamed?


This is the inside of my suitcase. So many colors! That's one thing I love about summer.


This is the top to one of the suits. I love the little zipper detail. I titled this attention to details because I think that little things like this can really make a piece special.


& this is the back of the top of the other suit. The little gems make it different from just a solid colored suit.

So that's about all I've got on my end! I'm hoping that this rain passes through and that tomorrow brings sun! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


Monday, August 16, 2010

mad for plaid


I've been chomping at the bit to take some outfit photos, it's just so much fun! I catch myself thinking about locations or outfits throughout the day. Today it's been really humid so my lens fogged up, but I think it made for an interesting effect in these first two photos. Annie of Timely Vintage is having a little graphic tee outfit contest and I thought I'd enter! This is one of my favorite tees, it's so soft from being worn-in.


I paired it with the metallic brocade skirt I mentioned in the last post. Didn't receive loving on the last post, so I'd love to hear your feedback. Inspiration posts= a no? Outfit posts= yes? I want to make sure I'm putting things up that you want to see.



IMG_4256 IMG_4212

I can't ever seem to get good detail shots, any tips? I hope you can see them well enough here. My grandma just bought me these earrings, aren't they cute?! I'm obsessed. If you can't see them, they're gold netted metal bows with a little gold center by Betsey Johnson.

The week is off to a good start. Lunch today was Chipo goodness and Fro-yo! Can't ask for much more. Tonight I'm seeing a friend who has been out of the country since June and a movie with another friend I haven't seen since Christmas! Life is treating me well at the moment. Hope it's doing the same for you!


Outfit Details:
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Button-up shirt & graphic tee: UO
Belt: hand-me-down
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Keds
PS. I know I really, really need to iron this skirt. But ugh, ironing in this heat? Sounds damn unappealing haha.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lookie Loo

It has been pretty miserable weather here with oodles of off and on rain. We had a hellacious storm last week- the lightning and thunder were so close together you couldn't even start to count before the other followed. So, I'm itching to do outfit posts but the weather isn't cooperating at the moment. I thought about going back to my trusty bedroom door as a background, but the light to my ceiling fan is backordered and therefore, I have lamps scattered around my room haha it looks pretty ugly and the one lamp is so fluorescent it kills me.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some looks that I love from lookbook and other assorted blogs.

1 7-23-10a1

I love everything about this. The Jeffrey Campbells are beautiful- I've seen Tieka and Maria wear them too always to great effect. And I love them with the scrunched down ankle socks. I went shopping this weekend and got three pairs of Hue socks for $15 and I can't wait to bust them out for fall. I also love how she mixed complimentary colors red and green. I always think this is a bold move because it can so easily turn out looking Christmas-y, but here it is just lovely. Lately, I've been noticing some really pretty color pairings- especially with complimentary colors- I really love a peachy color with something blue or a lavender and neon yellow.

2 sally jane vintage

From the lovely Sally Jane Vintage. Military-inspired pieces are definitely hitting the fall scene and this jacket is perfect. On my shopping escapades, I bought one very similar to this for 30 bucks! It was a steal. But, most of all I love the play with more feminine pieces and harder, more masculine pieces. Also, I'm a huge sucker for brown accessories. I don't know what it is about it.

3 fancy_fine

I recently found this blog, Fancy Fine, and have been absolutely obsessed ever since, I really can't get enough. She has an amazing eye for vintage finds and wears them in such unique, beautiful ways. I love her pattern mixing here and the subtle, but interesting color palette. So pretty!

4 741805_IMG_2061_2

Found this lovely look on Lookbook. I'm not usually a huge black person, but everyone needs a LBD and hers is a pretty combination of structure and volume. Lately, I've been liking the look of a black dress and black tights. I think it's important to balance it out though- I always worry I'll just look like a huge black blob. I think she did a good job here- the patent belt pops out from the dress and gives the outfit a little more interest and dimension.

5 wanderlusters

And last but not least. I found Rockie on lookbook and then followed the link to her blog. She has such a one of a kind sense of style, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I head over to see what she's wearing. I really love brown and black together- so the skirt and shoes combo is just perfect to me. And I'm trying to embrace the virtue of a little bit of sparkly-ness. I usually shy away from anything sequined, metallic, glittery, etc. but sometimes it really is the perfect addition. Shopping escapade cont- metallic brocade skirt coming soon to a blog near you!

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Let me know your thoughts- hopefully kind ones. I had a fabulous weekend- spent it in Pennsylvania with my aunt and uncle & grandma. It was refreshing to get out of town and have a bit of change in scenery, and of course be around wonderful people. Not to mention my aunt is an amazing cook- i.e. bacon, tomato, onion, cheddar omelet for breakfast and filet mignon and local corn for dinner! mmmm :) Hope you had a great weekend too! What'd you do?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

sneak peek!


Happy almost Friday everybody! I tried to take some pictures today of the lovely dress I won on Twitch Vintage, but I couldn't quite find the right location and then my aunt showed up so the whole thing was discontinued. I'm going to be away this weekend with my aunt and grandma, so I won't be posting anything, but I shall return Monday! & expect more, better pictures of this dress.


This is such an adorable dress and you can't even see the cutest detail which is the puffy sleeves with little button closures. Stay tuned! If you haven't yet, you should definitely swing over to eBay and check out Robyn's lovely shop, Twitch Vintage. She has a wonderful eye for vintage pieces and is just a lovely girl in general. Drop by her blog too if you get a chance! I always love to see what she's wearing- her style is always imbued with this understated elegance and her hair is gorgeous.

Well, I gotta run and hang out with the fam. But, see you on the other side of the weekend, have a fabulous one! xo.

Outfit details:
Mini dress- Twitch Vintage
Saffron Sophisticate Coat- BB.Dakota via Modcloth
(I seem to be on a mustard yellow kick..)
Belt: Hand-me-down
Heels- eBay

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

like Christmas morning


I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning! My package just came in the mail from Annie of Time Enough For Drums & I couldn't be more happy with my purchases. Plus, they came wrapped in interesting newspaper and cute printed labels. I love creative wrappers- I'm the designated present wrapper at my house mostly because my dad and brother are awful at it haha. Anyway, I diverge, you should head over to her etsy shop, Timely Vintage, and check it out. The shoes and scarf in my outfit are from Annie.



I don't have too much to report today. I had Monday off because my boss wasn't in, so Tuesday seemed to drag on forever after the lovely 3-day weekend. I'm supposed to go grocery shopping tonight, boo. Sometimes I really enjoy doing it- everything has it's place in the store and afterwards, you get that feeling of accomplishment from crossing milk off your list! Is anyone with me on this one? But, tonight I'd rather laze around.


Please ignore the fact that my right foot (well technically my left foot) looks like it's swollen/bulging? I think it's because I was leaning over to take this picture. I didn't feel like messing around with the timer/tripod so I just bent to take this one. The shoes fit perfectly, don't let the photo deceive you :]

Vintage scarf & brown sandals: Timely Vintage
Top: Forever21
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Ankle socks: J.Crew

Sunday, August 8, 2010

change gonna come.


I decided to go on a little backyard adventure again, but this time I ventured further out. I really love how light gets filtered through the trees and creates pools of light or little dappled patterns. It makes for interesting photos. Unfortunately, I forgot that some man bought the property right next to ours and it says no trespassing, bow & arrow range. Ugh, initially I had wanted to go to this field near our house, but I don't really want to get shot with an arrow. Anywho, it was fun nonetheless and now I smell of eau de bug spray, yum. I really am so paranoid about getting Lyme's Disease though because the deer are everywhere and they're so bold. They see me and give me looks like what do you want? I'm not scared of you and I will continue to eat the grass right in front of your house.

IMG_3953 IMG_3962

Sorry for my little deer tirade. My weekend has been pretty uneventful, went on a Target run for assorted necessities for Spain. Apparently, the shopping center was having this sidewalk sale thing and Target was a zoo. I almost had 483092 shopping cart crashes. But, mission accomplished.


Spain is fast approaching, I've got almost exactly 3 weeks left in the states! How crazy is that? I can't believe I'm going to be living in a stranger's home for 4 months overseas. I keep alternating between being super nervous like Amelia, what were you thinking- thrusting yourself into an unknown environment? It would be so much more comfortable back at school. And being super, super excited about all the people I'm going to meet & the things I'm going to see. I know it will be an amazing experience and that I'll have a wonderful time, I just always do this. I get anxiety about major decisions right before them and then I always end up having the time of my life. Yet, even though I know this, I never can seem to override the anxiety- the mind is so weird, isn't it?

IMG_3995 IMG_3996

sun hat: Urban Outfitters
scalloped skirt: Urban Outfitters
ankle socks: J. Crew
boots: Steve Madden


Well I'm off to try to get rid of the bug spray smell and to attempt being productive? Hope you're having a superb weekend! xo.