Monday, August 16, 2010

mad for plaid


I've been chomping at the bit to take some outfit photos, it's just so much fun! I catch myself thinking about locations or outfits throughout the day. Today it's been really humid so my lens fogged up, but I think it made for an interesting effect in these first two photos. Annie of Timely Vintage is having a little graphic tee outfit contest and I thought I'd enter! This is one of my favorite tees, it's so soft from being worn-in.


I paired it with the metallic brocade skirt I mentioned in the last post. Didn't receive loving on the last post, so I'd love to hear your feedback. Inspiration posts= a no? Outfit posts= yes? I want to make sure I'm putting things up that you want to see.



IMG_4256 IMG_4212

I can't ever seem to get good detail shots, any tips? I hope you can see them well enough here. My grandma just bought me these earrings, aren't they cute?! I'm obsessed. If you can't see them, they're gold netted metal bows with a little gold center by Betsey Johnson.

The week is off to a good start. Lunch today was Chipo goodness and Fro-yo! Can't ask for much more. Tonight I'm seeing a friend who has been out of the country since June and a movie with another friend I haven't seen since Christmas! Life is treating me well at the moment. Hope it's doing the same for you!


Outfit Details:
Earrings: Betsey Johnson
Button-up shirt & graphic tee: UO
Belt: hand-me-down
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Keds
PS. I know I really, really need to iron this skirt. But ugh, ironing in this heat? Sounds damn unappealing haha.


agatheloff said...

nice look!

Rin of Jewel Me Pretty said...

Ooo, cute bow earrings! A refreshing new look :)

G. said...

Nice photo!
Thank you for comment and follow my blog!


So nice blog, I love it!=) I'm following your blog now! Love from

Robyn said...

I love print mixing. You did it perfectly here, and pairing it with the sneakers makes it really fun.

Ryma said...

Thank you ;P


milk said...

Love the outfit!
and hey, the skirt still looks great unironed.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aww, such a cute outfit! And I love how the images turned out! I love both types of posts - outfit posts and inspiration posts! Typically outfit posts always draw the most comments though! ;)

Marie said...

cute outfit! :)
unfortunately I can't see the earings