Sunday, August 8, 2010

change gonna come.


I decided to go on a little backyard adventure again, but this time I ventured further out. I really love how light gets filtered through the trees and creates pools of light or little dappled patterns. It makes for interesting photos. Unfortunately, I forgot that some man bought the property right next to ours and it says no trespassing, bow & arrow range. Ugh, initially I had wanted to go to this field near our house, but I don't really want to get shot with an arrow. Anywho, it was fun nonetheless and now I smell of eau de bug spray, yum. I really am so paranoid about getting Lyme's Disease though because the deer are everywhere and they're so bold. They see me and give me looks like what do you want? I'm not scared of you and I will continue to eat the grass right in front of your house.

IMG_3953 IMG_3962

Sorry for my little deer tirade. My weekend has been pretty uneventful, went on a Target run for assorted necessities for Spain. Apparently, the shopping center was having this sidewalk sale thing and Target was a zoo. I almost had 483092 shopping cart crashes. But, mission accomplished.


Spain is fast approaching, I've got almost exactly 3 weeks left in the states! How crazy is that? I can't believe I'm going to be living in a stranger's home for 4 months overseas. I keep alternating between being super nervous like Amelia, what were you thinking- thrusting yourself into an unknown environment? It would be so much more comfortable back at school. And being super, super excited about all the people I'm going to meet & the things I'm going to see. I know it will be an amazing experience and that I'll have a wonderful time, I just always do this. I get anxiety about major decisions right before them and then I always end up having the time of my life. Yet, even though I know this, I never can seem to override the anxiety- the mind is so weird, isn't it?

IMG_3995 IMG_3996

sun hat: Urban Outfitters
scalloped skirt: Urban Outfitters
ankle socks: J. Crew
boots: Steve Madden


Well I'm off to try to get rid of the bug spray smell and to attempt being productive? Hope you're having a superb weekend! xo.


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Love the whimsy of the these photos and your outfit! I'd say approach your new adventure with confidence and leave the nerves at home. It will be amazing and you'll learn a lot.

amanda lynn? said...

oh my you are going to spain!? im so jealous! i cant wait to travel and such.

and i adore all these photos! your backyard is sooo beautiful. and of course i love your outfit as always. everything about it is adorable.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the skirt, so pretty. Also loving those yellow socks

the style crusader said...

love your skirt! these photos are gorgeous! xx

Kim said...

It looks like you live in an awesome place - fields guarded by bow and arrow? Deer arrogantly strutting past? So cool! And your Spain adventure sounds so fun! I love your skirt by the way (:

Ashley said...

Love these photos! I feel like I was with you there somehow! Totally lovin the skirt!!! Drool worthy!!!

It's my first time in your blog and I have fallen love in first sight by your style!

Robyn said...

This whole look is fantastic. There is a lot going on, but it all goes together really well. I am also glad you were not attacked by bows and arrows. Stay safe.

augustalolita said...

amazing skirt!! this is such a wonderful outfit and photos!! everything ties in together so well!! and i love you boots!! new follower :)

Rin said...

I love U.O too! That scalloped skirt is priceless.