Thursday, August 12, 2010

sneak peek!


Happy almost Friday everybody! I tried to take some pictures today of the lovely dress I won on Twitch Vintage, but I couldn't quite find the right location and then my aunt showed up so the whole thing was discontinued. I'm going to be away this weekend with my aunt and grandma, so I won't be posting anything, but I shall return Monday! & expect more, better pictures of this dress.


This is such an adorable dress and you can't even see the cutest detail which is the puffy sleeves with little button closures. Stay tuned! If you haven't yet, you should definitely swing over to eBay and check out Robyn's lovely shop, Twitch Vintage. She has a wonderful eye for vintage pieces and is just a lovely girl in general. Drop by her blog too if you get a chance! I always love to see what she's wearing- her style is always imbued with this understated elegance and her hair is gorgeous.

Well, I gotta run and hang out with the fam. But, see you on the other side of the weekend, have a fabulous one! xo.

Outfit details:
Mini dress- Twitch Vintage
Saffron Sophisticate Coat- BB.Dakota via Modcloth
(I seem to be on a mustard yellow kick..)
Belt: Hand-me-down
Heels- eBay


Rin of Jewel Me Pretty said...

Gotta love those heels! The colors blend very well, and that mustard coat is so adorable.

Congrats on winning the dress, I can't wait to see it soon :)

Happy Friday! xx

Marie said...

This dress is adorable! And I love the yellow coat!!


iris loves fashion said...

Great style girl!

G. said...

Love the jacket, it's so romantic!

Susan said...

YAY! Now that I have my computer back and am not in Communist China I can actually read your blog! I love it! Such a fashionista. Yay for Food and Fashion. I will update a lot and then when you get to Spain we can follow each other's adventures!

v a m p i r e said...

congratulations on winning this , i love Robyn from Twitch Vintage

i like the yellow jacket and your shoes a lot , like a lot