Monday, July 23, 2012

white tee & jeans


052 b


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Typical summer outfit- sometimes you just gotta simplify. These jean shorts are the best. I've worn and washed them so many times that they're that perfect worn in softness. I am going to be devastated when they go. And this tee, I love it. The cotton is so soft (are you seeing a pattern?) but the sheer panel in the back makes it something special. A little modern twist.

What's my age again? That's what I really wanted to call this post. I've gotten much more in to makeup recently (as in this month recently)- mostly because of the wedding but also because I'm a little tired of people assuming they know what age I am when their assumptions are wrong 99.99% of the time. I know I'm not going to get much pity from some of you but that's ok because I'm really not looking for any. Because yeah yeah I know- I will be thankful for looking youthful in 10 years or maybe even 5.

But right now, I'm 21. And I love it! The fact that people often think I'm in high school is ok, it's just when I encounter a lack of respect or courtesy because of that fallacious age guessing. I'm a college graduate not a teeny bopper. So anyway, go ahead and card me so long as that doesn't affect the way you treat me. Oh and maybe work on some subtlety as well. When you find out I'm not 16, you don't need to confess your shock to me. If I thought you were 55 and then find out that you're 40, I'm not going to say HOLY HELL! I thought you were way older than that. Are you feeling me on this one?

Ok, off my soapbox & happy Monday to you!


tee: StyleMint
shorts: Delia's (old)
socks: Gap
boots: DV by Dolce Vita


By Sara Romero said...

Love the peekaboo socks, they are one of my favorite ways to wear socks lately <3

Sincerely Sarz

charity victoria said...

haha, I feel you girl! Someday, I hope you do say that to a 40 year old, just to see their reaction ;)

The Midwest Muse said...

You look so cute and I love that people think I'm a baby. It makes me laugh!

Amanda said...

Such a simple outfit, but I absolutely love it! It looks so comfortable!