Thursday, September 30, 2010



Collique, France. Didn't know I was having my picture taken..

Greetings from your long lost blogger! Many apologies for the infrequency of posting. There is just so much to do here that I never seem to find a spare moment. I'm trying to soak it all up, every day fearing that I'll wake up and realize it's all been a dream. I guess that wouldn't be all bad- a dream of adventure, new friendships, deconstructing language barriers, chocolate croissants, the Mediterranean Sea and tortilla española!

I don't think I could recap everything that's happened since I last talked to you, but I'll try to hit some highlights. Two weekends ago, I travelled to Sitges and Terragona, two islands off the coast of Spain, which are known for their picturesque beaches and ancient ruins. I have to bring up the topic of topless/nude beaches because it's been a really interesting, definitely foreign experience for me. I have not gone topless, I really don't have the balls. Perdon, my colloquialism. But, it's not even just at the beaches, I've joined a gym here and women undress and dress in the locker room in the most casual, unabashed manner. At first this all caught me extremely off guard, I'm used to covering up with a towel and avoiding flashing anybody at all costs. I've established some crazy methods for taking bras off under shirts and simultaneously holding a towel around my waist while shimmying into underwear. However, after some thought- I think it's a really admirable quality. I have seen an extremely (sometimes unfortunately) wide array of body types. But, Spanish women seem to embrace their own uniqueness- their perfections AND their flaws. I think that it might do us all some good to really be comfortable in our own skin because we're stuck with this one. You might as well embrace yourself, right?

Anyway, that's my little soapbox message for the day. On to more fun things! Terragona and Sitges were absolutely stunning as promised. The water is this beautiful turquoise shade with soft ripples and swells in the water. It's really strange to me that there aren't waves. I've been going to the Outer Banks with my family since I was a wee one. But, the easiness of the sea is a lovely change of pace. Then this past weekend was the festival de la Mercé which is the celebration of Barcelona's patron saint. Basically this equates to general madness and partying. I've decided that the Spanish have an obsession with fire- their were amazing displays of fireworks every night, flame throwers and most unbelievable, the Correfoc which literally translates to "fire run." This event is meant to represent the opening of hell's gates with devils and fire pouring out and they did a pretty damn good job of it too. People are packed into the streets; I literally couldn't move more than an inch or two. We're all crammed in their like sardines with no corridor for the performers to pass through. These performers are carrying pitchforks with explosives galore and when they go off, embers are flung across the entire crowd. People were wearing chem goggles, scarves, long sleeves, etc. However, we didn't realize it was going to be so intense and I got a few burns on my back and a few corresponding holes in my shirt. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience- probably won't ever want to go through it again, but still it really is something. There were free concerts all over the city as well and I caught the very end of The Morning Benders' set. LOVE :]

This coming weekend, well tomorrow- I fly out of Barcelona to go to Menorca which is one of the Balearic Islands. It is supposed to be stunning with beautiful landscapes. I will bring back pictures to show you! Pinky promise!

Ok so I'm going to shut up now and show some photos.

Empuries, Spain



Colliqoure, France

Barcelona, Spain-- Outfit details: Tank, Pull & Bear// Bandeau top, Bershka// Jeans, Gap// Shoes, Keds// Cross-body bag, DSW

Terragona, Spain-- Shades, RayBan's// Top, Paul & Joe for Target

Hopefully more to come very, very soon! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend everyone.



Amber Blue Bird said...

wow it looks like you are having a great time! I am the same way in the gym, but when in Rome right?

Bea said...

That beach in the first photo looks so cool. The scenery seems so colorful. Also liking you embroidered blouse :)

Keep having fun!

Bea from A plus B

Christy said...

aww I love the photos. It's nice to hear from you, even if it's only an update every once in a while.
I haven't exactly been a model blogger myself :)

v a m p i r e said...

glad u are having such a great time in all the places you've visited , miss u loads take good care and be safe no matter where u are

hiven said...

love these

Anonymous said...

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