Sunday, October 10, 2010

mirror, mirror

Just a couple pickchas, dropping a line. These are a few from the dressing room in H&M, it's four floors! And the selection is just ridiculous. Actually these are pictures of what I wore to go shopping, but I'll try to get some up soon of what I bought & hopefully, accompanying outfits.


Top: Gap// Scarf: Vendor on Barcelona's beach// Skirt & sandals: UO// Purse: DSW


Actually funny story about this scarf. So, there are these men that walk along the beach selling sarongs/scarves. It's actually illegal because none of them have licenses, but it's extremely popular. You can lay on the beach and have drinks, a massage, coconuts, beer, sunglasses and sarongs without lifting a muscle. They cater to all the tourists that come to Barcelona and it works! Well anyway, back to the story. One of the vendors sold this to a huge group of tourists- it was a big group of Europeans, we couldn't determine where they were from, French? German? But, they had a little circus going on- they were all getting massages and buying beers. They bought the sarongs just to use to lay on as towels and they were dudes, so I knew they really couldn't have cared less about what the scarf looked like. So, I asked the random guy who had this one if we could trade. The vendor haggled a Euro coin out of me for facilitating the trade even though I really didn't need his help.. but oh well. I ended up with this gorgeous Egyptian print scarf so I'm a happy girl! :]


Christy said...

I love your scarf. That's such a good story too! I love when I aquire things in interesting/random ways.

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Alice said...

What a great Outfit!:)
xx, Alice