Friday, May 27, 2011

born in a barn


It's Friday! Which actually should have no significance to me since I'm not working, but today it does. I've started my GRE prep course this week which is twice a week and for some reason, it just ended up being a really busy week, tying up loose ends with school, pre-work things, trying to see everyone and figuring out the summer. All great things, but yesterday I started to wig a little, it was like ok everything, just stop! So today I have dubed "my day, my way Friday". I'm not planning on hanging out with anyone, so it'll just be me for company.



I'm going to lay around and read Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. It's really, really good so far, I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a summer read. I'm eating lunch with my dad at one of his favorite places for his diet reward meal! He's reached 30 lbs lost so this is like getting a gold star on your chart, but way better haha.


And then this weekend I'm off to see family in PA and we're visiting Falling Water tomorrow which I'm super, super psyched about. I don't know all that much about architecture but as a type of art, I can definitely appreciate it. I did learn alot more than I'd known before in Barcelona studying Gaudi (Sagrada Familia, Casa Battló, Casa Mila, Casa Pedrera, Parc Guell, etc). You can learn a little bit about Casa Battló and/or la Sagrada Familia at The Clothes Horse, Rebecca's Euro-triping right now, I'm so jealous. Maybe soon I'll post a Barcelona nostalgic entry, what do you guys think?



What are you all doing for Memorial Day weekend? Something relaxing and/or fun I hope! Until Monday :)




PS. These photos were taken at the Agricultural Farm Park . Isn't it beautiful? Be on the look out for more photos from this place.

Outfit details
Top: F21
Shorts & straw hat: Urban Outfitters
Socks: J. Crew
Booties: Steve Madden
Lips: Constantly Coral Color Stay Overtime, Revlon


Flashes of Style said...

Hi dear!! Looving the shorts, and the back drop is amazing! Also, I would absolutely love to do a meet up :) We will def have to plan that!



Maria E. said...

I love the 2nd and 3rd photos soooo much! And red barns are basically my favorite, so this post is absolutely delightful. :)

I would loooove to see some of your photos from Spain! :) Oh, funny story. So after I read your email about Falling Waters, I thought you said "Andrew Lloyd Webber" instead of Wright, and Lloyd Webber is one of my heroes, so I started freaking out that you got to go on a tour of his house. I googled "Andrew Lloyd Webber Falling Waters" and got really weird stuff. So I looked back at your email and realized I misread it, haha. Even though it isn't Lloyd Webber's house, it still looks reallyreallyreally cool. :)

Maria Elyse
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Renée said...

This pictures are so pretty and your shorts are too cute! Enjoy your weekend to the fullest, we all need from time to time some me-time! xo

miss annie said...

those shots are really really really cool! you are so cute!
check out my blog ;)

Melina said...

love your shorts! xx

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

What a cute photo shoot! Love your hat!

Jo said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so envious of your shorts! They are so gorgeous!


Marie said...

GREAT outfit!!! <3


A Lost Feather said...

i love these photos.. and your shorts are too cute.
have a fun weekend!

ZEUS said...

Cutest shots, love the outfit too, x Z

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Adore these pictures! Happy weekend!

Henar said...

Aww, this is lovely,
nice post!

Henar ♥

Jennyboo said...

Those shorts are just so very wonderful. And I am loving the hat and blouse with it! It totally works with your beautiful scenery my dear. And I am studying GRE vocab as well. I am taking it again! I hate the GRE's. REALLY. I HATE THEM. Looking lovely as always. xx

Liza said...

I just love your blog!! The scenery is gorgeous. Thanks for the follow on my blog and ill be sure to follow your blog too!! I can't wait to see what other great things you have in store.


Lisa, Suburban Heart said...

I love your outfit! It goes great with your surroundings. The Agricultural Farm Park looks so cute and fun! It's actually not too far from where I live. I'll have to add it to my summer activities list. Congrats to your dad and good luck on your GREs. Have a great Memorial Day :)

Adripé. said...

Lovely pictures, the landscape is pretty, perfect to relax and take photos :) You are cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute, love your shorts!

Gorgeous Clara said...

beautiful outfit! I like the shorts!


What a charming location and I love, love that outfit... the print on those shorts is absolutely gorgeous. I'm loving how you've styled this one. xx veronika

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

seriously in LOVE with your shorts! x

jennie going west said...

these photos make me so excited to visit my hometown in iowa this summer!

la mode said...

Super adorable!!

Kenziefaith said...

GORGEOUS. Seriously! Perfect outfit & location. <3

Maria Ramona said...

love those shorts-- such a cute oufit-- and I'm jealous you're going to see Falling Water-- take lots of pics please! :)

Karin said...

gosh you are a dream and your blog is wonderful xxx

Adora Mehitabel said...

lovely top

CLPig said...

Nice post!. love the boots, simply amazing!

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Anonymous said...

love the shorts!!
and congrats on the job! i found one too! yay!

maggeygrace said...

You have the BEST locations!!!:)