Monday, September 19, 2011

falling for fall


Hey pretty people!

Sorry for the long absence, school has taken over. I just got a new tripod and it is beautiful and shiny! I bought the Manfrotto 055 Pro. Well actually it was an early birthday present from my dad, thanks Daddy! I'm in love, it is fairly light weight considering its sturdiness and it has a ball rotating head so that it can literally be set at any angle.

My boyfriend Matt just visited and it was absolutely wonderful. I missed him SO much. I don't know how you long distance couples do it. So now I'm coming down from high and finding it hard to find any motivation to do work.. Suggestions? haha ugh. Apathy is not good.

Autumn is by far my favorite season as I've probably, definitely mentioned before. I got a little trigger happy though because it ended up in the 80s today. Weather, are you listening? Please make up your mind. The other day it was completely freezing, I could have worn a wool coat and not have been uncomfortably hot. I guess it's just that time of year.

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How are you all?

xo, A.

Button-up: J. Crew
Sweater: Madewell
Silk Scarf: Chinatown, San Francisco
Booties: Steve Madden


April said...

Love this look, darling

Tanja-Mia said...

Hi, your blog is amazing!
I really love the shots :)

Check out mine!

Anything but Bland said...

you are just a cute little peach! I love your scarf and sweater combo! <3

love, polly

Michaela Scalisi said...

so lovely :)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

Sam said...

You look absolutely darling! I love the scarf how you've added the scarf

t said...

Nice outfit!

Ria :) said...

i just love your whole outfit, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon, you can count on that hehe :)


April said...

It's really warm here in Arkansas, too, which is disappointing because it got down to the 50s last week! I want to wear tights!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I love this! I love sweaters like that and it's so cute with the shirt and scarf. Also, hurray for new tripods; yours sounds very posh! : )

Kenziefaith said...

Oh, I seriously wish the weather would make up its mind! This outfit is seriously gorgeous. Great paring!

jamie-lee said...

Loving this outfit - I've been looking for teh perfect blouse/jumper combo to wear like that. As for long distance, I have friends who've done it over a long period of time, I guess it's the thought that the time you do spend together is that much more special :)

Charmaine said...

I really like that scarf! What a great accessory. I MUST experiment with my scarves that way.

Lidiya said...

Adorable outfit, so so cute for autumn :)