Sunday, April 8, 2012

pastel palette





Woke up with 10 minutes to get ready for church this morning, so I just threw something on in a half-asleep state- a dress, tights, shoes, GO! Above is what I ended up wearing the rest of the day. Spent it hanging out with my daddy before he left to go back home, playing a game of photos-for-blog hide & try NOT to be sought, then studying at Starbucks for my Free Will test tomorrow. What happened to Sunday being the day of rest?

Hope you all had a lovely holiday(and hopefully long weekend, too)!

Tank, Sandals, & Jeans: Gap
Cardigan: J. Crew (on it's last leg!! so sad, it's my favorite)
Scarf: gift from Danya, J. Crew
Earrings: Moorea Seal


Well... said...

LOVE the soft, neutral colors! Perfect spring outfit <3
Your minty scarf is a gorgeous touch.

Trendy Teal

Audrey Leighton said...

Love the scarf, such a great color!

Be Frassy

Little Tree Vintage said...

so cute! love those colors on you

├ćnne said...

Lovely outfit!

Kisses Anne

Ashlyn said...

I love it when outfits just thrown together like that end up being some of the most inspiring. You look perfectly casual but put together- great combination! I love the mint scarf!

Triple Thread