Thursday, May 31, 2012

ladylike in lace





When I was putting this outfit together, I debated between these two pairs of shoes & then I figured heck, I'll wear both! It's fun to see how easy it is to change the feel of a look just by altering one thing. This cute little pencil/a-line skirt belongs to Maria.

So right now I feel naked without Photoshop! Our laptops used to have the program, but post-graduation they take away all the programming so this thing is basically worthless now. Anyway I went online today to check out Photoshop prices & I freaked! Maybe when I win the lottery? Fingers crossed.

It is already hot as heck out there. I can't believe it. Outfits are definitely going to consist of one layer. This is why autumn's my favorite.


Tank: F21
Skirt: Swapped with Maria
Heels: ModCloth (last year)
Booties: Steve Madden
Earrings: Madewell, gift
Socks: Hansel from Basel 


Well... said...

Oh man, Photoshop is so expensive! Aha, but don't worry, you look fine :)
I know, once it's hot, accessories become your best friend as far as fashion is concerned. Haha, love your lace tank, it's so pretty!

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charity victoria said...

I love this outfit--the socks are the perfect touch & the proportions are perfect.

And girl, I feel ya! I really want to buy photoshop...but I always want to pay rent. Priorities? ;)
xo Charity |

Claire said...

love your outfit! I love the heels you're wearing in the second picture! also if your looking for cheaper photoshop, i would go check out costco, i don't know how much it is there but it was cheap enough for my 13 year old sister to buy it for me haha. or you could just download the free trial, i think it lasts three months or something. xx

Maria Elyse said...

I used to have Photoshop, but every time I used it my computer would shut down and it messed up my data storage, so I had to get rid of it. :/ But I know, it is so expensive!

Anywho, I LOVE how you wore the skirt!! It looks so beautiful on you! That pretty lace tank looks great with it! You're just too beautiful and cute. :) ♥

Maria Elyse

Maria Elyse said...

Oh, and I don't know what building you're outside of, but it's really pretty!

P.S. Skype date soon? ♥ I just finished school yesterday, so it should work out better now that it's summer. :)

Maria said...

aww your booties are so cute

Ashlyn said...

The first picture is stunning! I don't know if I'd enjoy taking digital photos nearly as much without photoshop ;).

Kristen said...

That top is adorable, and yeah, I feel your pain girl, photoshop is definitely harsh on your wallet, which is the reason I still don't have it!

Bernadeth G. said...

love how you mix and match everything! such a great style :)

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Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This is such a beautiful outfit! I love the vintage feel to it. I'm obsessed with the modcloth heels!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Sabrilett said...

I get the feeling, my computer crashed and I lost my photoshop for like 2 days and it felt so weird, I always edit something with it even if it is to resize but I don't think your photos need it any way :) you look great and love the lace top, is so girly <3 loved both shoes too, I wouldn't be able to decide either haha

following you now dear :) loved your blog
Sabrilett's Armoire

Sam said...

Amazing outfit, I love the combination of floral, lace and ankleboots. It has something girly, but with an extra something


les jolies said...

Your smile is are so sweet and you look great.

From Paris with love!
Kristina recently posted.. Mont St.-Michel.

The Braided Bandit said...

You look beautiful, I love anything lacey and or floral so this is pretty much my ideal outfit :)

So I totally feel you on photoshop prices! Just wanted to let you know that I use GIMP instead which basically does almost everything photoshop does but you download it online for free! It is amazing, and if anything is different, I taught myself different editing things by watching youtube tutorials! It is a legit program, we even use it at work! Hope that help!
Have a great day!
xo Hannah

RaeAbigael said...

really cute outfit :)

visit my blog?
and if you like we can follow each other. let me know :D

Charlotte said...

Really lovely outfit, and I absolutely adore the name of your blog! It's one of my favourite songs :)