Wednesday, October 27, 2010

letting go



Hiya everybody,
Sorry that I've been a really spastic blogger. This past week was a mess- I ended up in the emergency room because of my back. I've known about this herniated disc this summer, but have refused to let it affect anything. Hence, I went to Italy last weekend to hike in Cinque Torre- bad idea, tons of walking, climbing, carrying a heavy backpack, rain. So, I got back to Barcelona and realized that I'd really done it this time. Anyway, to make a long story short- I'm on the road to recovery! It's been a little rough though trying to adjust to the differences in the medical system and being under the weather away from home.

Done alot of soul searching and things of that nature though. I had to spend long periods of time with just my mind for company which can often be a dangerous thing. I occasionally swirled into little bouts of panic. I really have control issues and everything was completely out of mine. The doctor told me to take everything one day at a time, I didn't know whether I'd be going back to classes or whether I'd have to go back to the US or if I'd be able to walk around the next day. But, I realize now that this was really a beneficial thing for me. In the end, we can plan for every single contingency but life is unpredictable. We have to learn to adjust and move like water around the rocks.


Sweater: Old, no idea?// Scarf: Vendor at my university// Boots: Piperlime// Socks: J. Crew


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