Friday, November 5, 2010

Cinque Torre, Italia

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So, my best fren' is studying in Alba, Italy this semester so we met up in Cinque Torre, Italy which is actually made up of five smaller towns. Cinque Torre is known for its hiking and breathtaking vistas, you hike in between the towns- depending on which two towns the hike varies from 3 hours to around 1 hour. Unfortunately, we had alot of rain and really only got in one day of hiking; but, it was gorgeous nonetheless. Italy is still Italy, even in the rain.

Also unfortunately, this weekend was a bad idea. I have a herniated disc in my back which I found out about this summer. But, I've had back pain for years and it's something that I've just become accustomed to, so I guess I push my limits a little too much because the pain is nothing new. So, traveling on the cheap means not checking baggage which translates to super heavy backpack. It's definitely doable to just bring a backpack for a weekend trip, but mine was really heavy because I was trying to pack warm things. It was much easier when weather was warmer and I only need a bathing suit, a couple shirts and a pair of shorts.


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So anywho, needless to say the backpack did not do good things for my back and hiking is also not neccessarily the prime activity for people with back problems. To add insult to injury, Sunday ended up being the biggest travel fiasco of all time. I was traveling back to Barcelona by myself and so, the physical and emotional stress of trying to deal with these situations for myself really put a strain on my back. The train to Milan (where I was flying out of) was an hour late, ended up on a train carriage with over 50 Italian guys my age who were all grabbing me and laughing and yelling things in Italian, had to pay 90 euros (over 100 USD) for a cab to attempt to make it to my flight, missed my flight, cell phone wasn't functioning, don't speak any Italian, get escorted out of security area by security (hahha that's actually a really funny part), eventually make it back to Barcelona in one piece, but barely.

To make a long story short(er) I had to go to the ER that Monday because I'd pinched a nerve and lost sensation in my arms and legs.

BUT! I don't regret going to Italy. It really is a beautiful part of the world, the people are very amiable and friendly. I always feel awful when I can't speak the language of the place we're I'm visiting because I think it's respectful to try to communication with people in their own language when you're in their country. It's like how most Americans expect people to speak English to them. So, I struggled through some shotty Italian/Spanish that I tried to make Italian and most people were really patient and cheery. And, not to mention the food!! Oh my gosh, the land of gelato is the most magnificent thing of all time. I had a three scoop cone with pistachio, hazelnut and coffee otherwise known as heaven. And then of course, pasta- I had pesto lasagna with bruschetta, so gooood. And of course, it was really great to see my best friend. It's nice to see a familiar face every now and again.


These photos are from Via dell' Amore which means Path of Love. It's a really romantic place, too bad I didn't meet the Italian love of my life there- maybe another time. So you're supposed to put a lock along this path to symbolize your eternal, lasting love for someone. If you put a lock here, it is like making a vow that you'll be with this person for the rest of your life. And if it doesn't work out, supposedly you have to come back and take it off.



Thought I'd leave you with this cute kitty:

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