Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fall color


My dad visited me for a week in Barcelona! We had a really fabulous time being super touristy and eating at delicious restaurants. It was so odd not being super cheap and actually buying drinks (aka water, it is uber expensive here). Just wanted to share a few photos of signs of autumn here. The majority of the leaves still haven't turned, so I got really excited about the few that have.



Thought the carpet of my dad's hotel was interesting and I like the colors of it with my flats. Was inspired by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse's flats' series.




Anonymous said...

The pictures are veryyy nice! Especially the one with the leaves.


Chelsea Lane said...

such pretty pictures! your flats are adorable, where did you get them!


sweetdisposition said...

thanks you guys! xx.

and chelsea, they're from j.crew

ching said...

oh so sweet of your dad to visit you. very nice pics.

Christy said...

That's so nice that your dad Visited you. I can sympathize with loving going out for food when parents are with you. I went out for turkish food with my mom this evening and it was lovely having her pay for it :)

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