Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the itch for twitch

An interview with Robyn of Twitch Vintage:

Twitch Vintage

So, I'm kind of in love with this girl, shhh don't tell her boyfriend. I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon Robyn's blog, but I was immediately drawn in by her sharp, sarcastic wit, relatable sense of style, and gorgeous curly hair! You know what they say, grass is always greener on the other side- this is coming from the girl who needs an entire can of hairspray to get curls to stay. Since then, I have enjoyed following her blog and life happenings and buying a couple things from her ebay shop along the way. The girl's got good taste.

I wish I lived closer to Florida, I think we would have a lot of fun. Sipping beers or some ridiculous fruity, girly drink and cracking jokes (legal in SIX months, might as well be an eternity). Is that weird to say? It's so strange online because you feel like you know people so well and yet have never met face-to-face. Do you guys well the same way? Anyway, I'm not sure how much of my personality comes through on the blog, but I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. A good friend of mine here was telling me how she has to get readjusted to me every time we come back to campus haha otherwise, she forgets and takes the jokes personally. I may be small, but do not be deceived.

Twitch Vintage

Drumroll please! And here's our interview:

1. How did you get interested in blogging?

I was a blog lurker long before I started my own blog. I decided to start my own to promote my eBay shop, and to connect with the blogs I was already reading.

2. What is your thrift shopping plan of attack? I tend to get really overwhelmed in places like Goodwill.

I am a crazy tornado in thrift stores. I wish I had the patience to go through the racks piece by piece, but it's just not my style. Basically I go through each section way too fast, grabbing anything that catches my eye for any reason, and throw it in my cart. I don't bother to check condition, size, or price until I am done with the whole store and standing in front a of a mirror. I end up putting a lot back, but it's effective.

3. If you could steal anyone’s closet (present or past) whose would it be?

My great grandmother had a shoe collection that would make a grown woman cry. She believed that a woman needed a pair of shoes for every single outfit. My hero.

Twitch Vintage Twitch Vintage

4. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? And now?

I've always been a math geek. I knew I wanted to work with numbers or money for a long time, and ended up going to college for Statistics and Mathematics. Now I want to sell vintage, blog, and someday start a family.

5. What do you do from 9-5?

I am a full time eBay vintage seller and blogger. The hours extend way past 9-5, but most fun jobs do.

6. If you could have any one talent that you do not already possess, what would it be?

I would love to be able to dance gracefully. My signature (drunken) dance move was once likened to "a baby bird stuck in a car." Now I don't know what that means, but I do know that it's probably not good.


7. If your house caught on fire, what would be the first thing you would grab?

I will say my Macbook, but I'd probably just make a run for it with nothing. My house is so full of flammable polyester that speed would be a priority.

8. What are your top 5 can’t live without pieces of clothing?

I'm a sucker for V neck T shirts, high waisted shorts, maxi skirts, trench coats, and the perfect jeans.

Twitch Vintage Twitch Vintage

9. What is your proudest blogging achievement/moment?

There was a tiny photo of me in the January 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine. It was nice to have something tangible to show my friends who don't read blogs.

10. What is your best piece of advice to bloggers?

Less is more. If you are writing about something that you are truly passionate about, then go ahead and write an essay on your blog. If you are writing about your outfit, then more than a paragraph is really unnecessary.

11. Where do you hope to be in 5 years (physically, professionally, mentally, whatever-ly)?

Professionally: I'd actually love to still be selling vintage online, and blogging. I'm done with school, and I love my job. I see plenty of from for growth and improvement, but I really have no major overhauls in place.
Physically: Let's pretend I'm going to take up jogging.
Personally: I love my boyfriend. Fingers crossed he's still around.


Thanks so much Robyn! Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.


PS. Sorry in advance for any M.I.A-ness, it's finals time aka I'm barely staying afloat in a seemingly endless ocean of paper and flashcards.


Maria E. said...

Wonderful interview! I love Robyn and her blog so much, and I had a super fun time interviewing her for my blog last month. :)

Maria Elyse

Sarah said...

That was a great interview to introduce me to a blogger I had not found, yet. She is lovely and I'm off to go browse her blog and then come back to yours. (:

Find me at Just Take a Bow.

alexandra grecco said...

really lovely ; )


Anonymous said...

Love Twitch Vintage, great interview :) She always has the most elegant style.

Jennyboo said...

I love Twitch Vintage. I think she has the best and most creative style! Great interview- I really enjoyed reading more about her life. xoxo

Jennyboo said...

I'm dying to watch the new GG but I have been so busy with school. blah. I want time to catch up on my favorite show EVER. Maybe next week...I always save like five episodes and then watch them all at once. haha. xoxo

GIAA said...

I have never seen her blog, but after this post will definetely take a look! The photos and looks are amazing.. great post ;)



Lynzy said...

I just love Twitch Vintage, she is so adorable :)
xo Lynzy

Becky-May said...

Wow, I muct check out her blog! She seems like such a sweetheart! Lovely blog too hon :)

The Flower Girl

I V Y said...

she's amazing and has great style. lovely interview!


gee said...

wonderful interview.
i absolulty love her blog and ebay shop.
good luck with your finals!!

Chelsea Lane said...

ooh love her ladybag! she is so cute, great interview :)


Anonymous said...

i love her too! she's amazing (:

Kenziefaith said...

This is lovely. You asked such great questions and she answered them so well!

UN-stitched said...

She seems stylish and chic! Love getting to know other bloggers and so inspiring that she does this full time. Thanks for posting.

Sick by Trend said...

Thanks for sharing this! :D really cool and I've never heard before her blog! :D now yes1 I'm following!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



Anonymous said...

You're right! She's wonderful!

arnique said...

I took the shot through my sunglasses! But I'm using a Nikon and a macro lens. :)

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Irina said...

What a great post! I just came across your blog and I fell in love with it! It's spectacular! I love your style! Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same!
See you soon, kisses!

hilda said...

Nice. I love all the dresses. Wish i can have those here in Angeles City