Friday, May 13, 2011

rainy day dreaming


The forecast for this week? Rain, rain, rain oh and some more rain on my parade. Good news, I got the job!! Yipee, I will actually be employed this summer. And more good news, I don't start until June 1st which means I have the rest of May to dick around. And even more good news, I was planning on going to the beach this week with my two best friends from home! However, and it's a big however, the rain is being a real yuckpants and may end up canceling our trip. So please join me in praying to the rain gods! What's the PJ's inside out and backwards equivalent for stopping rain?



I think I look super stuck up in the picture above, but I swear I'm not! You know those people who have kind of bitchy or aloof neutral faces, I think that might be me. When I'm not thinking about anything or I'm just neutrally sitting there, my face doesn't necessarily look cheerful. Do you guys know what I'm talking about or am I just crazy?


So this outfit was technically cheating because I'm sitting here writing this in the most comfortable sweater and sweatpants ever. This outfit was just for kicks and rainy day escapism. And I'm sorry I keep wearing these shoes! They're just so fun and seem to go with everything. But I promise I will NOT wear them in the next post.



See? Look how cheerful I am!


Outfit details
Top- ModCloth
Vest- Urban Outfitters, Mirror & Dash
Jacket- Ann Taylor Loft
Shorts- Delia's
Socks- Gap?
Shoes- ModCloth


Anonymous said...

love the shoes, esp with those socks~!
im so jealous of you being employed.. i'm still looking.. ugh!

Charleston said...


islabell said...

congrats on the job!!! Dude, i can't stop wearing my heeled sandals either! Yours look amazing with those knee high socks and wee shorts (even if it was only a bit of fun for a rainy day).


Robyn said...

It's actually raining here right now. :( You look chic though. Love the sock and heel combo.

Sara Bell said...

This is not at all my style... but you make it look so good, now I want it to be! =]

Reckless Rekha. said...

You look lovely. love your heels <3

Miranda said...

I love this outfit! And I'm with you on the aloof, neutral face thing. People don't think I smile enough... but that doesn't mean I'm not happy! Oh and I love the bow in that top :)

She's Under the Spell said...

your adorable!
nice outfit, esp. love the knee highs!


Agata Wijaya said...

congratulation for your Job:)
love your outfit especially your top<3

KalynBlaire said...

This outfit is super beautiful!
you look darling, everything about it is just perfect together!! love the bow on that top, btdubbs.


Francesca Felix said...

love your heels!

April Hodges said...

I love this! I miss you darling!

Amelia said...

thanks april! love you & miss you too. <3