Sunday, May 15, 2011

roaring 20's


Had a roaring good time at my friend's 20s themed birthday bash! Isn't it a wonderful decade? The dress is not the highest quality ever, it's forever 21 but it worked perfectly for the theme and I snagged the headband from Claire's for less than 10 bucks. Just wanted to share this photo with you all. I also used B. Jones Hair Tutorial "Easy Old Hollywood Waves" to create this look. You guys should check it out! She makes it so easy to follow.

On a more somber note, three beautiful people from my high school were killed in a car accident last night because the driver was drunk. It has been a surreal day hearing from all of the people who have been affected by this. It is a harsh reminder of the fragility of life. Please keep safe you all and cherish each other.

Hope this finds you well.



El said...

Nice look, girl! Love a touch of red lipstick :)



ROBINE said...

Fantastic post, I love it!
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xoxo Robine @

jamie said...

i've always wanted to attend (or host) a 20's party! this is a great photo, great looks! <3

Hannah said...

Ahh, looks like it was so much fun! Your dress is beautiful (and from Forever 21?!), so elegant.

Sorry to hear about the car crash though, that's terribly sad.

herecomesthesun said...

I am so sorry to hear about the accident. This happened late last year in my hometown and people I had grown up with and known since before I even went to school died. It was such a tragedy. The only good that comes from such an awful situation like that is how close you become with others as you suffer together and it often brings out the best in people as they feel encouraged to make the most of every moment we're given.

Vicki said...

haha amazing outfits! :) x

jamie said...

hii :) no, unfortunately my hair isnt naturally wavy. that would help me tons! i curl it almost everyday and right now, i need a trim :) thank you for your sweet comment! oh! and i made a little hair tutorial post (my first tutorial ever so im sorry if it sucks hehe)

M. said...

i'm so sorry to hear about what happened at your high school. just offered up a little prayer for you, dear.

and you look stunning!

Natalie Ryker said...

i love the 20s!! one of my favorite decades

rose petals said...

love this picture the dresses are fantastic :) X

Jennyboo said...

Looks like so much fun! The 20's is definitely one of my favorite decades and all of your outfits look wonderful :-)xx

April said...

the part sounds so fun & you look great!

so sorry to hear about the wreck.