Monday, August 8, 2011

unusual inspiration: alcatraz

While in San Francisco, we visited the island of Alcatraz which was absolutely fascinating and what I wasn't expecting, gorgeous! There's this rundown beauty to the buildings with layers of paint peeling away to reveal other colors and textures. The flowers are all in bloom and the water is a beautiful blue. *Photos by yours truly :)


alcatraz two

Autumn is my favorite season by far- it means a) my birthday, 21st this year! b) Halloween c) crunchy, warm hued leaves d) apple cider e) Wake Forest's lovely campus f) hitting the books, I have to say I've missed it a little. Although I'm sure after just a week or so I'll be singing a much different tune. But hey, who doesn't love getting new school supplies and decorating their dorms/apts?


alcatraz one

Just thought I'd sure a little bit of what's interesting me right now!



Kerry said...

I'm very jealous of your Alcatraz visit; it looks beautiful. And I agree, Autumn is my favourite time of year too. We're currently scorching down here in Florida and I simply can't wait for warm mugs of cider on the porch xo

Brittany said...

beautiful! Your 21st is going to be so much fun :) eee!

Morgan Jordan said...

Love what you've taken your inspiration from - the photos are great.

Jana and Vanessa said...

Long transparent skirt and half Trench - super cute!Best wishes ♫

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