Wednesday, January 18, 2012

life lately

Haven't even been back a week and I'm already not making my bed. Not a good sign


My first week back:
A. Wait Chapel, our beautiful campus landmark
B. my messy, comfy bed
C. Buddha hand lemons, who knew? A crazy roommate? Yeah, I already knew.
D. Pretty flowers at Whole Foods
E. I am obsessed with painting my nails lately (It's not going to last long now that I've started oil painting, nothing is better at ruining nails/hands in general). Oh well it was fun while it lasted
F. twinkle lights make everything more beautiful (in my humble opinion)

Will be back soon with an outfit post!



Clara Turbay said...

Great pieces and fantastic style. love it.

El said...

Aaaaa, I love Instagram!!!! :)

Have a great weekend, honey :)

Miss Pepper Vintage♥ said...

Lovely photos..
If you have a minute, follow my blog too if you like what u see..
best wishes

Polly Bland said...

beautiful photos! haha the scary hands!!

love, polly