Saturday, January 14, 2012

midnight in paris


So I fell in love with this movie, more for the fun artist references and the 1920s era than anything else. Oh and Marion Cotillard is absolutely gorgeous and charming. While I was studying abroad in Barcelona, I was able to take a few art courses and I learned a great deal about Stein, Picasso, Dalí, and the Parisian influence that many of the most famous Spanish artists felt during this time. Paris was this full, vibrant mecca of culture and explosive imagination. I can absolutely relate to Owen Wilson's nostalgic, old spirited character who feels like he belongs in the 20s. It does seem like a very exciting time.

But anyway, the fashion! Who doesn't love the roaring 20s? I used to hate drop waist pieces because I thought they shortened my legs or made me look ill-proportioned, but lately I have a newfound appreciation. I love how they're swingy and loose, but still very feminine.

What do you think about the 1920s? Love it? Hate it?


PS. Check out the 20s themed party I went to this past summer!


his_girl_friday said...

That was such a fantastic movie! It's one of the best movies I've seen in ages. And I love '20s style, but I don't think I can pull it off.

Haggard Library said...

I have wanted to see this movie for so long now :)
and to answer your question, they are dotted tights from Gap, and the black thigh-highs from H&M

jess said...

I've wanted to see that movie. I can never find anyone else who wants to see it.

Ænne said...

The outfit are soo amazing!!!

Kisses Anne

Tonya said...

Marion is one of the most beautiful women ever I think! I love love love the outfit you put together too...i would wear it all in a heartbeat <3

charity victoria said...

I have been wanting to have a roaring 20s themed party! I love the hair styles and red lips of the time. I am also a huge fan of Marion Cotilliard..she is so gorgeous. I loved when she was the face of Chanel. I will have to go see this movie for sure.

Clouds said...

Midnight in paris is like one of my favourite movies! i love the 1920s :)

Jennifer said...

I was wondering if this was good - I'll have to watch it now!

xo Jennifer

BF said...

That hat (#2) is so sweet!

koko mo said...

love this post!!! i haven't seen this movie, i'll have to watch it, it sounds good, and at least i know i'll enjoy the fashion!! :):)