Sunday, March 18, 2012

bahama mama

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Sorry for the silence on this end. I have been disconnected from absolutely all internet usage for the past 5 days and it has been glorious! No instagram posting, tumblring, blogging, facebook checking, emailing, calling or texting. I have to say I really didn't miss it. Sometimes a break is good. We sailed to the Bahamas (Freeport & Nassau) for spring break from Charleston. Worked on a pre-summer tan and soaked up some good Vitamin D.

iPhone Jan-March 158

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Be back soon with an outfit post. Hope you all have been well!



Well... said...

Wow, looks like such a lovely trip! I won't lie, I envy you. Haha, can't wait to see more. <3

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alissa b said...

looks like such a lovely trip! i'm terribly jealous

great photos, great post!

alissa b

alissa b said...

p.s. enter in my giveaway and you could buy the same parka for 50% off! ;)

sorelle in style said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! If you're going to disconnect electronically, that looks like the perrrfect place to do it! Hope you had a blast! :)

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Ashlyn said...

So...that looks absolutely heavenly. I'm so plugged in all the time (I'm definitely guilty of checking for comments on my blog during lectures) so a break always is nice. I feel guilty not keeping up with my outfit posts sometimes though! It's a nice way to get some perspective considering that the world will not crumble if I don't share what I'm wearing.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

looks like a fun trip!!! i want to go on a tropical beach vacay!!

Beckerman Girls said...

aHHHH----seeing the beach pics makes me want to go to a beach sooooooo badly!!! stunning pics!
xoThe Beckerman Girls