Thursday, June 28, 2012

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A few scenes from around the house these past couple weeks. These dogs keep me constantly entertained. It's funny to see how their personalities interact (and sometimes clash). They are so idiosyncratic. Lila tries to be as close to people as she can- that first picture is from when we were doing something upstairs so she laid across one stair and rested her head on the stair above it. She doesn't ever want to miss anything. Wizzy runs the length of the pool back and forth tracking the movement of anyone in the pool. He's like our built in lifeguard. Constant vigilance! Gold star for whoever can identify that quote.

Pretty soon life is going to start picking up for me. Which is good because I never know what to do with too much free time. I have orientation at The Limited today and then I'm not sure when I will actually start working. But I'm excited! I'll be all, Can I help you find something ma'am? Are you finding everything alright? Would you like me to start a dressing room for you? 

All of my friends tell me I'm crazy for being excited about retail which they say is a living hell. But I say bring it on difficult customers! In anticipation of some not so awesome experiences, I've been sure to be extra nice to anyone I encounter in sales or  customer service. They really are hard jobs- I mean people can be cray.

Be back soon!

*Oh and check this out, I was featured on the Neighborhoodies blog



Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Your pup is so cute!


Natalie said...

the dog is so adorable!!

The Braided Bandit said...

Congrats on your new job! Like you say, some people are crazy, but I don't think all retail has to be a bad experience if you just have a good attitude!

Your pups are adorable, love the little sneak peak into everyday life- good luck at orientation!
xo Hannah

Sam said...

They're both so handsome! They're so cute!


Polly Bland said...

i love the hydrangeas! DId you ever buy something from my Shabby Apple giveaway?! I hope so!

love, polly :)