Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dog days of summer


Today was just one of those days, you know- where everything goes wrong? So, I was so excited about taking pictures today that I spent far too much time outside changing tripod locations & trying to coerce my dog into being in pictures that I was super late leaving for my MRI appointment!.. as in, I was supposed to be there at 6 15 and didn't leave my house until 6 05-ish. The MRI is for my back, they think I might have a squished disc thingy.

So anywho, I'm super stressing about being late and in my haste to be on time, I lock my keys in the car. That is not the best part, wait for it.. and the car is running.. with the A/C on. Yes, it just keeps getting better. So, now- I am late for my dr's appt & I have a car just burning gas away like it is its job. The doctor was the nicest man ever and I couldn't have lucked out more. Plus, he had a british accent! An added bonus :) No, but really, he let me call AAA and had the receptionist look out for the mechanic. Apparently, AAA misunderstood me though & cancelled my knight in shining armor, so I had to wait for a half an hour in this random parking lot. It could have been alot worse honestly, but I was just so exasperated with myself. That split second after you slam the door shut- it's like noooooooooooo. slow mo, big time.

Sorry had to get that rant out there. I called AAA to complain about it and I felt bad for the poor guy on the phone, it wasn't his fault and he couldn't do anything about it. I calmed down and apologized and he was a whole lot more friendly after that.

Well, without further ado- here are some of the pictures I took. Hope you guys enjoy them! And
here's to hoping tomorrow goes a little smoother! ps. I'd love to compiserate and hear your ohhh-crap-I-just-did-that stories. (Side Note) I tried to get my dog to cooperate for this but she is camera shy. I swear to you! Whenever she hears the camera do its little clicking noise when it's focusing she turns her head away. It's like she's one of those girls who hates the camera and flings her hand up every time it gets near. I'll try to snag a better one for you sometime.


IMG_3268 IMG_3272b

IMG_3302 IMG_3313
Dress: BP. Nordstrom, Shoes: Gap

This is one of my favorite go to dresses, it's so, so comfy. I've worn it so much that it has the beginnings of those weird fuzzy cotton balls on the butt. I always get compliments on this dress which kind of befuddles me because it's such a simple style. But, maybe it is its simplicity that people like? I decided not to wear any accessories with it so that this post would just be about the dress.

Peace out :) And holler for two more days until Fridaaay Friday Friday!


Miss Woody said...

lovely dress !

B said...

Darn, the location of your outfit shoot is so perfect. The colors of the little barn/house are my favorite :)

I hope you have better days ahead!

B from A plus B