Sunday, July 25, 2010

it's never black & white


It was raining cats and dogs today. Our power flickered on and off a few times, but luckily no power lines went down & it stayed on for the rest of the day. But, since I wasn't able to take any outfit pictures, just snapped this in my room. I like the way the shadows and light seem to sort of dance together.

I've basically spent all day in bed reading Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle. The rest of my weekend was a bit more exciting though- have at least 10 bug bites just from taking the pictures below, went berry picking! (blackberries for a pie) and night swimming & saw some friends that I haven't seen in years.

How was your weekend? :] Monday, here we come! I'm actually ready to go back to work tomorrow, how weird is that?


Christy said...

That's a lovely rain picture. Bug bites suck a lot. I have a horse fly bite from last weekend that is still red.

My weekend was pretty mellow but fun.

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Anonymous said...

this is a cool picture!