Thursday, February 23, 2012

short story




Weird hands day? Also, I'm sorry the light is a little different from picture to picture.
It's bugging me a little bit. The sun was going down right when I was taking these,
and you only get that brief window of time. But when you do- it's one of my favorites,
that and early morning light just when things are starting to come alive again.



Sweater & wool shorts: J. Crew
Scarf: Pashmina
Boots: Steve Madden

PS. These were taken Tuesday when it was in the 50s and today it almost hit 70.
Spring, you're crazy.


Maria Elyse said...

Well I think the light is very lovely in these photos! :)

I love the color combos in this outfit; the lighter, cooler colors with the deeper, darker ones. So inspiring.


charity victoria said...

mmm, love these colors. I like the lighting as well!

koko mo said...

ohh this outfit is SO adorable i love it!! i really like how you mixed the prints with the scarf and striped shirt!! that first picture is so awesome, such a great photo!!

dandy-doll said...

I love strippey clothes, adorable outfit :)

Thoa said...

LOVE the scarf and boots! I love the shadows in the last picture. Beautiful!!